5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Viagra

The popularity and value of Viagra has shot up over the last couple of years. Viagra 50mg or 25 mg pills have been the stuff of passion and excitement bringing the fulfilment back into many people’s sex lives. Viagra works by relaxing penile muscles and increasing the blood circulation into the organ which finally leads to engorgement of the organ and rigidity that is helpful for penetration. When Viagra was first invented it was a medical treatment out of many others that were for curing erectile dysfunction, ED. Today, Viagra is one of the most widely used pills for curing male impotence and attaining rigidity of the male reproductive organ. The powers of the drug are based on Sildenafil which is an active constituent of the medication. Sildenafil, more plainly, is the chief component that imparts strength to an erection. Aside from Viagra’s effective powers, there are certain do’s and don’ts behind using this mysterious little blue pill. Here are just a few things to take into consideration before getting started with Viagra.

1) The first and most important thing to know about before you buy Viagra is that you need to review your overall health and current medications with your doctor first. Viagra should be a last resort only after consulting a doctor. It is also direly essential that you address and psychological and relationship issues that you may be facing. Most of the time, erectile dysfunction and male impotency can be treated through other ways. It’s not always a medical problem or even an actual erectile dysfunction problem that has to be solved. There may be other medical reasons as well, and taking a quick-fix pill-popping approach without investigating the matter will lower your chances of targeting and solving the real problem.

2) Talk to your doctor before using Viagra if you have any other medical conditions or physical abnormalities. Viagra will mature adverse physical conditions like heart disease, liver disorder, abnormalities related to arteries or blood vessels, issues like blood pressure, hypotension, hypertension, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and others.

3) Read the instructions of the drug first. There are side effects if you are not careful to use it in the right way. For example, do not increase the dose of generic Viagra without informing your doctor. Also, it is essential that you maintain a day’s gap between every two dosages of Viagra.

4) Do not take Viagra before or after drinking alcohol.

5) Avoid grape juice, grapes, or any grape based products while you are using Viagra. Grapefruit should also be avoided when you are taking Viagra. The reason is because grapefruit has a substance in it called furanocoumarin. Furanocoumarin is also found in sour oranges and tangelos (A hybrid of the tangerine and grapefruit.) This substance binds to an intestinal tract enzyme called CYP3A4 and causes the medication to pass through the bloodstream faster. A single glass of grapefruit juice reduces CYP3A4 by 47% and wears off very slowly to the point that even after 24 hours, one-third of the enzyme’s intestinal activity is still there. However, grapefruit and grapes should not be purposely taken to quicken the effectiveness of Viagra as a high blood level of medication can be dangerous. Taking grapes or grapefruit within two hours before or after taking viagra will also speed up the side effects of headaches, flushing, and decreased blood pressure.