Only Go for a True Blue Pill!

The rate of impotence in men is ever increasing. According to the largest impotence study since the Kinsey report, about half of the American men over the age of 40 have experienced the problem to variable extents. This is attributed to factors like aging, alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, and bad lifestyle habits. Gone are the days when smoking was confined to only older people. In fact, the incidence of young non-smoker men is very less today.

The consequences of this problem go far and wide. Men don’t just experience problems in their sexual life, but all aspects of their life are affected. Whether it’s scientifically correct or not, impotence is highly linked to masculinity. This idea is deeply ingrained in the minds of men. Impotent men feel they have a problem that will bring them shame. However, men must note that impotence is a very common problem among men. And most men experience some problem or the other.

Rather than ignoring the problem and letting it grow to unhealthy extents, a man must be brave enough to accept it and ask for help. Studies show that depression and repressed anger cause an increase in sexual problems. Viagra isn’t popular for the heck of it. Young men are as much into buying the much coveted pill as the older men.

Fake dealers and spurious sellers are capitalizing on this dying need of Viagra as witnessed in older impotent men and young men risking their manliness due to poor lifestyle habits. Everyone isn’t aware or educated enough to know that they are falling into a trap by buying Viagra pills from such unscrupulous people.

In this age of quick duplication, it is not impossible to make multiple look-alike versions of Viagra. However, a fake pill will do more harm than good. If you suffer from sexual problems, get yourself assessed by a doctor. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are an expert in your problems. Only a certified medical doctor can tell you whether you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and whether Viagra is the solution for your sexual problems.

Viagra is not an elixir for all sexual problems. It only treats Erectile Dysfunction. If a doctor prescribes you Viagra, show it to a genuine pharmacist, physical or online. If they are allowing you to buy the blue pill without a prescription, they are not real.